Bittydesign 1/10 Touring JP8 190mm Clear Body (Light Weight)

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Track Guide for the use of the JP8 body

The following values offer an overview of the ideal conditions of use of the body according to the grip of the surface and its general handling.

The numbers below are meant as a progressive scale where 10 is a hypothetical maximum value.

Surface grip 
Enter Steering
Rear stability
Ease of use
Liquid Mask

Comparative table 190mm TC bodies line

The image display our full line of 1/10 TC bodies where the 6 different models are compared to each other, both for the range of use of each body based on the surface grip (see white bars In the upper part of the picture) as well as for Steering, Rear stabilty and Rotation values.

The Guide allows a quick comparison between the various bodies and facilitates the choice of the most suitable model depending on the situation on the track. Click on the image to enlarge.

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