Serpent Medius X20 '21 1/10 4WD MID Carbon EP Touring Car

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Ultra-Low sway bar position

Upper Arm mount and 1 piece shim system

The X20 desing Bulkhead with tradition Cam type belt adjustment

Overview of the main specs
-Serpent Adjustable 50mm shock with 12mm
Oversize shock body
-Serpent Linear bigger bore springs
-Dampers include machined pistons for best
possible consistency
-Traditional style ball raced LCG Anti-roll bar
-Pivot ball suspension with small balls for
simplicity and free movement
-4x style arm mount with adjustable castor
-Easy diff and spool removal
-Extremely low center of gravity
-All new steering system for Ackermann geometry
-Motor mount holder with adjustable flex
-Re-Active rear steering RRS system is standard
-1 piece shaft and motor mount allow easy
maintenance and changing of spur gears
-Durable and smooth gear differential
-Battery mounting system allow different size
and height battery
-Lightweight front spool with hardened steel
outdrives, bladeless
-Carbon fibre chassis in 2.25mm as standard in
the 400037
-Even length Kevlar reinforced drive belt and
super true running pulleys, midshaft pulleys
made out of hard anodized aluminium for
maximum durabilit


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