Milansport Sanding Drums

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Milansport is happy to present next accessory for bodyshell preparation.

This is a perfect tool for everyone who is trying to get their bodyshells to the best shape possible. Sanding round places was always a issue and thanks to this tool it will make your work easier. The Sanding Drums are a 3d printed wheels that hold sand paper rolls. The wheels are being mounted to a dremel tool with a special 3,1mm thick holder that fits most dremel tools on the market. In set you got 2 different sizes for better bodyshell preparation and to sand down all needed edges. 

In set you get:
1 x Sanding Drum 47mm
1 x Sanding Drum 31mm
1 x dremel adapter/holder

Just mount the adapter onto the Drum you want to use, screw down the screw that is in the hold to keep the drum in place (please not that the adapter is a rubber holder and need to adjust the center so that you will have the drum perfectly balanced), mount it in your dremel tool and you are ready to get that shell in perfect shape.
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