Hot Bodies Moore Speed 200R 200mm Touring

Hot Bodies Moore Speed 200R 200mm Touring

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Designed and tested by the Moore-speed design workshop, this is the ultimate nitro touring bodyshell!

Meant to do just one thing: perform, you won't find a faster and more confidence-inspiring nitro racing bodyshell in shops today!

With an ultra-high downforce front splitter you will get awesome front traction, while the windscreen and roof channels direct air over the high downforce rear wing. The wing features three vertical supports to eliminate flex and lost downforce, and the rear end features aerodynamic wing struts extending to the bumper, giving you ultimate aero confidence!

The front bumper features a dual-level splitter, plus extra aero lines around the headlights for extreme front traction. Along the sides, this 200R is nearly flat for minimal drag, except for a slight door sill recess exactly where the pipe stinger needs to exit the bodyshell. Behind the rear wheels is an extended area for extra straight-line stability.

The cabin features the modern forward look with reduced bonnet line and increased bootlid space. Deep structural A-pillars and C-pillars channel air over the bootlid and rear wing and also reduce the frontal area, giving you increased stability and top speed.

A full compliment of cool headlight and tail light decals are included, as well as nice mesh air intake decals.

The Moore-speed 200R is designed to fit all 200mm wide nitro touring cars, and will turn your car into a full-time true racing machine!

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